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It has been nearly one week since SQL Saturday 132 in Pensacola Florida.  I was chosen to give my talk on “Know Backups and Know Recovery”.  The session was in the first time slot and when I arrived at the event just before 8:00 AM I had to walk through about 4 inches of water soaking my feet.  It was raining pretty hard and shortly after arriving the thunder and lightening arrive and I am not talking about Devin Knight or SQL Chicken.

I walked around and caught up with some of my friends and then headed up to my room to get setup.  It took a little longer and I would have liked to get the audio visual equipment hooked up but I made good use of the time asking questions that would lead into my presentation.  I was honored to have Tony Davis from Simple-Talk attend my session and spend some time with me afterwards.  It was great getting his feedback on my session.  It was a bit eerie though watching the fierce wind, rain and lightening out of the windows of in the back of the room.

My intention was to leave the event shortly after my session to spend some time with my wife and three kids that were back at the resort on Pensacola Beach.  I couldn’t quite leave when I wanted due to the really bad lightening.  Once there was a quick break I was able to venture out into the parking lot with water just below my knees.  When I got in my wife’s new Jeep Rubicon and backed out of the parking space I noticed several inches of water in the passenger side floorboard.  Oops.

I thought that would be the worst of it but upon leaving the university and driving down the canals of downtown Pensacola (they couldn’t call them streets that day) I encountered water levels of about 3 1/2 feet deep.  It was a rather strange feeling driving the streets of Pensacola in 4 wheel drive worrying about submerging your vehicle in too deep of water.  It was even more strange driving 15 MPH across a mile long bridge in a complete white out.

Once I crossed the toll bridge onto Pensacola Beach the clouds stopped dropping the wet stuff and it was rather pretty.  I pulled in the parking garage of Margaritaville and pulled the drain plugs out of the floor board of the Jeep and let the water drain out, then put on my swim suite and had some fun with the kids and wife on the beach and in the pool.

It was fun watching the twitter feed seeing all the new hashtags.  #sqlswim, #sqlscuba, #sqlmonsoon, #sqlflood, etc.

The drive home Sunday was just as adventurous with heavy rain the entire way.  We might not have had all the fun in the sun that the kids came down for, but we managed to spend time together, worked in some beach, ocean, pool time and got to be part of history for Pensacola.  All in all I think the kids will have some great memories from this trip.

Lets hope for better weather in Fort Lauderdale this weekend for SQL Saturday 141.





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SQL Saturday 103 was in Curacao, a beautiful Dutch Island in the Caribbean.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this event and demo a couple of favorite tools of mine.  SQL Prompt and SQL Compare.  Being the PASS regional mentor for this area made me want to attend and show support even more.

Roy Ernest did a fantastic job in putting together this event.  It was Roy’s first SQL Saturday but you would not have known it.  He acted as a seasoned professional.  Not only did Roy manage to pull off a well ran event, he also was able to coordinate picking up 3 out of country speakers and Karla Landrum (Twitter).

One of my favorite things about the event is that the boys from Georgia showed up in force to help Roy fill the speaker slots.  Rob Volk (Twitter), Bill Pearson (Twitter) and myself each presented three sessions while Roy (Twitter) presented two and Rohan Joackhim (Twitter) presented one.  In all the attendees had 12 sessions to chose from.  The dedication from the SQL Community goes unmatched with any other professional field.

Roy took us to an incredible venue for the speaker dinner in Riffort village.  The Indian food was top notch and the view was wonderful.  I was fortunate to be able to take my son with me.  My son had been begging to get to fly on an airplane to what better trip to let him tag along.

Before the event was even over we started asking Roy about plans for the next one.  Curacao is on top of my list for places to visit again.  If you ever have the chance to visit I recommend taking an underwater camera, lots of sun screen, goggles and a snorkel.  There are reefs all around the island.  No need to have to get on a boat to take you somewhere to snorkel, simply get in the water.  Truly amazing!

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When technology works.

Living in the South East has it perks with the abundant rivers, lakes, streams, mountains, and friendly people.  It also has some drawbacks like being within reach of tropical storms, hurricanes, and the abundance of tornados.  This Labor Day was quickly impacted by Tropical Storm Lee who came ashore early into the three day weekend.  At first I was excited that we would be getting some much-needed rain and that it was only a tropical storm.  What I didn’t realize is that even though this was a tropical storm it would still bring a mighty strong punch with dropping tornados with all the much needed rain.  We have only heard the severe weather alarms twice today as tornados were reported in a neighboring county and then ours, but a nasty third storm ripped through and took out our power.

This is where technology kicked in for my family.  I quickly grabbed my Iphone to check the weather and realize it was only a storm with no funnel clouds, I then reported the power outage on Georgia Power’s website, I then went into the garage and fired up the 7500K generator and hooked the refrigerator, LCD TV, DVD Player, and a lamp for bathroom.  Once we got a Disney movie going for the kids I grabbed my Mac Book Pro and Verizon card and jumped on the net to see how widely spread the power outage was and to reach out to family to see how everyone was doing.

Gotta love the modern age.  Luckily as I was typing this blog post the power came back on so we were only down about 1.5 hours.  Much less than my northern friends who were in the path of Irene.

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About Me

This is my first blog, it will be short and sweet.  My name is Tim, I am married with three kids.  I am a SQL Server DBA and I love what I do.  I have only been in full time DBA role for two years, prior to that I was a Sys Admin for 11 years.  I have always had a passion for technology and what makes things tick and go BOOM.

Over time I will post tidbits of code and things that interest me or things I have learned.  Currently I am working on a 800 GB database that is all heap tables with 17 non clustered indexes on each table.  Each table has between 300M to 30M rows.  Major cleanup opportunities.

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