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Today a friend Kevin Edward Kline announced he was joining SQL Sentry.  Last week Kevin announced his intent to leave Quest Software which he has been at for over 10 years.  Being part of the SQL Community for the past 4 years, Kevin has been a staple of Quest.  When I would see a logo or hear a mention of Quest I would think of Kevin.  There is sure to be a lot of change for Quest as they are being acquired by another company but reading Kevin’s blog post on why he is leaving, he sums it up in one word.  POTENTIAL.  He sees much more potential for his career with SQL Sentry and see’s how SQL Sentry is starting to make a big impact within the community with sales and support of their products.  I wish both SQL Sentry and Kevin all the best.  I am most glad that Kevin is staying within the SQL Community and that I will still see him out and about at SQL events.

Hey, maybe now I can get SQL Sentry to sponsor SQL Saturday Columbus and send Kevin.  🙂


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The Columbus GA SQL Users Group will be hosting their first ever SQL Saturday on September 8th 2012 at Columbus State University.  We currently have 5 classrooms reserved and have the ability to add a couple more if needed.  Each room holds over 40 people so our current capacity is 200 attendees.

SQL Saturday’s are a free event for attendees.  Anyone can attend and get free Microsoft SQL Server training.  If our event is like all overs we will have a nice selection of sessions to pick from.  Topics of interest will include database administration, business intelligence, power shell and professional development.

I have been involved with helping to organize the last two SQL Saturday’s in Atlanta GA and have spoken at eleven SQL Saturday’s since Jan 2011.  I am hoping that through my involvement in other events that myself and my leadership team here in Columbus GA can pull of a very successful event for our local SQL Community and help grow the Columbus GA SQL Users Group.  Currently the only other event on this day is SQL Saturday #162 in Cambridge and a few friends have already submitted to that event.  If I had the funds I would be there too.  Would love to see my UK buddies.

Here’s to happy planning.

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I had the pleasure of attending SQL Saturday 112 this past weekend.  This was my second time speaking at a SQL Saturday in Birmingham.  I was selected to present two sessions again this year in the first and second time slot.  I started off with “Getting Involved and Getting Ahead”.  This session is all about the SQL Community and how volunteering and giving of your time can pay huge dividends in your career.  You get to learn so much more and at such an advanced rate that the sky is the limit.  While helping others you gain as much or more.  The contacts you make alone are work the investment of your time.

The second session I gave was a brand new session called “Know Backups and Know Recovery”.  I presented this session in March to the Columbus GA SQL Users Group.  I really enjoy this session and hope to make it my primary session I give.  In this session I cover best practices with make FULL, DIFFERENTIAL, and TLOG backups of your databases.  I find that most people are at least doing FULL and Transaction logs.  About 25% do weekly FULL and Daily DIFFERENTIAL backups.  I also have found that most attendees have not practiced restores to include their DIFF and Transaction log backups.  In this session I demo using a script to generate the restore scripts of the last FULL, DIFF and all transaction log backups since the last respective FULL or DIFFERENTIAL backup.  I also demo FILEGROUP backups, peace meal restores and even a TAIL LOG backup and restore.

In between giving these two sessions and the remainder of the day I helped work the RedGate booth and PASS Booth.  I had a great deal of fun helping to spread the word about all things PASS and helping to field questions about many of the RedGate products.  The organization team for SQL Saturday 112 did an excellent job putting on this event.  I really like the speaker shirt and the bags the team got.

The event location at Jefferson State Community College was great.  Large classrooms and a centrally located vendor area.  There was excellent signage leading up the event, schedules posted on the doors to the rooms, a very well put together event guide and tons of drinks, donuts and coffee.

I will definitely be back to this event as long as they are willing to have me.

My slides can be found on the SQL Saturday website here.

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In just two days SQL Saturday 107 will be in full swing.  Tomorrow begins their precon with the infamous Kalen Delaney.  Those who were lucky enough to sign up and get one of the coveted spots are in for a treat.  Thanks to the Idera ACE program I was blessed to spend three full days with Kalen and pick up a lot of new tips and tricks to help me progress in my career.

I will be presenting two sessions at SQL Saturday 107.  My “You Inherited a Neglected Database” session and “It’s TEMPDB Why Should You Care”.  I recently presented my TEMPDB session in Atlanta and had a rough go at it.  Lets just say I had a very humbling experience and learned a few valuable things as a presenter.  The biggest issue I had was being very nervous.  I had a two fellow ACE’s in the room and several other folks that I know very well or know of.  The room was also at capacity (50+ folks).  I shall be much more calm in Houston and slow down my presentation.  Even though I had a few bumps in my session, I had a very large number of people approach me telling me it was an “awesome” session.  That made me feel much better.

If you are in the Houston area, I hope you are planning to attend this wonderful FREE event on Saturday.

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I was chosen to speak at SQL Saturday 111 in Atlanta GA this weekend.  I will be doing my session called “It’s TEMPDB, Why Should You Care”.  In this session I cover the importance of TEMPDB and how best to configure TEMPDB in your environment.  Not only do I cover a lot of material on slides which are available to download on the event website, I also break out into a live demo demonstrating contention on TEMPDB and discuss how best to eliminate or reduce the contention.

I have presented this session at a number of other events and always get positive feedback on the technical material in the presentation.  If you don’t know why TEMPDB is important or have not configured TEMPDB after a base install, come hear me speak or just shoot me an email.

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Linchpin People, LLC is an organization led by Brian Moran and Andy Leonard with Mike Walsh and Robert Pearl as Partners.  For those who do not know about Linchpin, they are a technology company with a focus on the Microsoft Database stack on the front, but behind the scene they are about developing people.  The company values are called the Service 22:40 which is modeled after Matthew (22:37-40).  This is what some call the “Golden Rule”

This is where I fit in.  First I get to be mentored by these wonderful guys, but more importantly I get to keep giving back to the community in more ways.  I recently started a small consulting firm to be able to focus on helping small to mid size companies that need the expertise of a senior level database professional.  The focus of my company is to baseline the organization, standardize installations, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, high availability, tune and get the systems running like they should.  I train the accidental dba who is responsible for the environment and then hopefully land a maintenance contract with the company to do periodic health checks.

My primary responsibility will remain focused on the large corporation where I am currently employed.  Being a DBA typically means “Doing Business After-hours” and any contracts I get with Radney Consulting or affiliation with Linchpin will typically fall into a night and weekend endeavor.  I can’t go repartioning a disk, creating a bunch of indexes, reconfiguring tempdb, or rearranging data and log files during business hours on a production system now can I?

I am very excited to be joining my friends in helping them build a great company and having a far greater reach to enrich others lives by sharing my life lessons and SQL knowledge with others.

Linchpin People = “Changing one career at a time”

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I was recently selected to speak at SQL Saturday 107 in Houston TX.  I am really excited to be selected from such a great group of folks who submitted.  This will be my second time speaking in TX, but my first time to Houston.

I will already be in Houston for my introduction into the 2012 Idera ACE program and enjoying some early benefits of the program.  It will be a lot of fun getting to hang out with some of the existing ACE’s and most of the new ones.  I am truly a blessed individual.

If you happen to be reading this and live around Houston, make sure to register for the event.  For those not around Houston, well we have LOTS of SQL Saturday’s all over the world.  Make sure to attend one, or plan your own.  Check them out at http://www.sqlsaturday.com

SQL Saturday 107

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